A Northern Territory movie on security within the crocodile industry will feature in a collection of online safety seminars which has run as part of nationwide Safe Work Month. The movie reveals the modern strategies used to cut back the risk from the hazards unique to this industry.For extra information on asbestos-related issues dealt with by the… Read More

CCF Victoria recently placed a narrative in E-News concerning the current implementation of the WorkSafe Asbestos Cement (AC) Water Pipe Management Guideline.Alveolar macrophages, cellular cells that have the major duty of eradicating additional materials from the lungs, can phagocytise (engulf) asbestos fibres. In the method of engulfing the fibre… Read More

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Codes of Practice offer sensible steering to attain the standards of health, safety and welfare required in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 (WHS Regulations).Objective: Provides information about electrical energy transmission and distribution, the hazards relat… Read More

Prior to 1990, the risks of asbestos had been unknown and this dangerous substance was utilized in a wide range of home building supplies. If your house was built earlier than this time, it's possible that there is asbestos on your property that could be severely damaging to your health and that of your loved ones. Asbestos disposal should be compl… Read More

Asbestos fibres breathed into the lungs can cause a range of health problems including lung cancer and mesothelioma. It is the responsibility of the customer disposing of the asbestos to advise the Gatekeeper of their name and address and nature of the load to ensure correct charges apply. James Hardie Industries owned asbestos mines not only in Au… Read More